Week 12

┬žAttention: Write down everything you hear for one hour: it is important to do this for the full time period.

can you say that? um. yeah like worsening, or like, increasing, things like that. increasing in seriousness or something like that. great. uh. the chinese government. which are similar to the poor release systems set up in the 17th century. so then this is something that i’m curious about. is there a formal name for the act? there’s no… i would say and the 1601 act to improve the employment rate. i think they have like different counties and the person ok i would maybe want to go on the explain that, maybe using another group of words, when i hear parishes, i think religious parishes. right add a definition. perfect. the 17. the 22 act had established the first work house for maintaining lodging as one of ok great. and this is just an example. if i have already introduced you don’t necessarily need to introduce. john law talks about this person who was hired. you get that? perfect. what is this quote trying to show? like they teach people new skills, train them new skills, it seems like this person wasn’t being taught new skills (screeching breaks, stepping down stairs, footsteps across floor) all employing people. i think it was just a little bit confusing because i was expecting you to go into how this person was trained but the point of it just got a little bit convoluted. thats great better now than later yeah no problem. ok i think that clears it up a bit. we’ll work on it. right exactly it’s probably yeah i know that chris has and i think that she’ll probably want her to be in on it. yeah but we’re here. likely to but i would rather should be a problem. i see. large deficits. what does that mean? drop in the government will give them money so that they can so just i don’t understand were paid for, families were paid to top off wages. so yeah we should. thank you. see you later. yeah i think you and i can Val can. just walking through. ok. um. families were paid to cover up the deficits. so this is sort of like aid. this is passive voice, i think you would want this to not mean families were doing something paid by the government to maintain a certain level of wage. great that’s great much more clear. for instance if i loaf of bread was this. i mean i don’t have i don’t have RJ wants an extra. term used in the research. you could use two different colors. i don’t know where you would explain this term and more explain what it’s actually doing. i think i don’t know but i think. ok so i don’t think you need more than one example of this. making these two paragraphs isn’t something you have to do. set it up like that and then it wouldn’t seem as abrupt. do you think that might make sense? (door opening, footsteps) put effort into made effort into relieve a hard situation talk about the idea of poverty again tie every single paragraph back to the proposition. are you waiting? or just.. o ok, not for a tutor. to complete the public training system attend the training program for high tech cotton irrigation to acquire the skill of great that’s perfect. right. right or skills for (door opening, footsteps) it is planned that about one million people will be it’s just thank you for slightly awkward wording the goal of this program perfect much better it’s ok yeah it’s just that. (door opening, footsteps) will be ok the aiding system has been set up i’m not thinking of too many no, it’s not on the floor. or England in the blah blah blah situation right perfect. however see ya later. the Chinese government set up different programs for the handicapped for different kinds of people. mhmm no i think that’s good. so how could we say that it’s almost like the government has gone farther you don’t even have to use specific it’s like more than just unemployed also as well as the handicapped right. mhmm, that’s right. aiding programs for people. what you’re trying to say then in addition to helping elderly low income handicapped you want to have the idea that in addition you taking the step further yeah i’m not worried. it’s just that paper and paragraphs i think that has to do with ok. uh. yeah i didn’t see. average 400 again every month. every person uh huh. i think you would want to say that when you say every person it sounds like every single person good. and maybe like gives every person an average. hi thanks for coming in expectations also so um go to hawaii (door opens, closes, footsteps, door opens closes, footsteps) obviously you know basically the um i would want to hear the reasons ok so you’re finding going against what’s already been said ok. (chair squeaking, typing, papers shuffling) so (knocking to music) ok so what direction will this be in so uhm (footsteps down stairs) it’s too much it’s too much to be some um did we go through this last time when was this published. so this was published i don’t know but like everyone going through organization (footsteps down squeaky stairs) ok alright so let’s go (paper shredding, music playing, nose sniffling) alright. i always (chips crunching, keys clicking, mouse clicking, foots down squeaky stairs) at the end it’s ok yeah yeah exactly i definitely smell it but you can’t tell where it is squirrels get in the walls they’re pretty good at finding funkiness as long as i don’t have to be up there it smells in both of them i’ll call the exterminator thank you for looking take care. there’s a bull frog? is that what he said? i couldn’t even connect like where you heard that. i thought he said it smells like bullfrog. busted. di have to go turn in a paper really quickly i’ll be back i’m just visiting we’ll clean out these idiots ooooh obviously i meant andrea. o that’s pretty rough how’s your concussion didn’t i tell you the doctor shined this light in my eye and asked where are you? i’m going to get lunch i’ll be back. acccchhhooo bless you thank you with that being said there’s no however it requires audience presence (keys clicking) unworthy because it’s the goal to associate the number artists republicans fewer results the artist is also responsible (coughing, opening water bottle, closing water bottle, keys clicking) representatives as consisting of (beepbeepbeep) another critic overtaken emotionally the work is sensational all the viewer so going back to the (footsteps, papers change shuffling clinking) yeah ok alright so where do you see the where’s the. hm. (change clinking, keys clacking) jackpot. groceries on penn. uggh alright gimme your stupid water bottle o thank god i was just getting itchy in my throat o i think what happens when you’re writing in your work try to figure out see if we can get everything for instance you were saying the point you wanted to say that emotion involves credibility ok overall in terms of but that’s besides the point yeah it seems like so what you’re saying is that the authors don’t show, they show that credibility is one thing and they ignore the emotions (music playing) i’m so interesting i should be typed up everything that i say but what does that mean i don;t know art is gunny that way so i called my mom and told her about me are you really writing all this down? why do you have to write everything down it’s for a class so (gum package shuffling) i put a special surprise in there for you they found that dead thing by the way no they didn’t they still have to call the exterminator (nose blowing) o gosh essentially the um ok how do you list just off the top of your head what do you think the proposition yeah but yes for the sake of making you just start so just a very short uh critically um doesn’t accept alright. then. talk to me about your first i i mean i feel like i don’t know uhm ok i just think so does that it seems like what you’re doing so now we’re going to go through that i mean you’re saying like hey they’ve been around forever you do you do say that they it’s like all out of (achoo, excuse me, achoo excuse me) bless you bless you. alright if you actually say this is what they talk about so sometimes you have to explain why so given that you’ve had this idea don’t want to say anything too jarring make it easier yeah it’d be cool siiigh mingo, this has been something. so what is the main (sniffling, keys clicking) the quotations make it look like you’re calling it a question which you’re not then don’t ok so are you saying that some authors that only emotion like are you going one yeah ok so if you’re gonna have your topic sentence (pages shuffling) maybe there’s a strong relationship between emotion and intellectual levels so saying that about irrelevant great breath of trying to tie that yeah yeah (keys clicking, music starts) o i didn’t give you rusty’s infromation who’s rusty he’s the kid in my class that said i feel like i know him ima look him up right now his real name is o it’s not his real name? no. interesting. is it rusty faircloth? yeah. i think he was at the barbeque on friday but i didn’t talk to him yeah he lives not far from me broad and wolf or something like that. hm. so you have a little of yeah i don’t think he and i see eye to eye on most things i dont’ think he and i do he’s an ex-marine but he’s a really nice person did you guys sense what he would be able to do? well he’s the president of undergraduate student advisory board and he just knows a lot of people he’s made a case for nontraditional enrollment the fact that you’ve taken classes and done well and worked here, he feels like he can go to higher ups and say that it’s stupid to make this guy jump through hoops. i don’t want to sound like a brat because i know most of the higher ups, not know, but like met, i always find that it’s best to just know what all my options are but if you’re like concerned i’m just trying to weigh my options i dont’ want to be a jerk about it you can concede that there is another side ok well i understand and then after i get through your first his real first name is lamuam. can’t imagine why he’d go by rusty (music playing) anna’s friends with him we have five mutual friends with not just people that you become friends with people that i talk to in the program (i wanna dance with somebody, i wanna feel the heat with somebody i wanna dance with somebody with somebody who loves me) sometimes maybe you could be more specific not only then say um but why why should i (i wanna dance with somebody) yeah like individualized attention yeah but um what looks like yeah and you know what it turns out that maybe away um it’s like say just like obviously and then directly you should no, i understand totally get where you’re coming from going through that oh and one thing you did really well (snaps) can i steal one of these and bring it right back you sure can just that ok so in this part well you (don’t you wanna dance say you wanna dance) i’m sorry where you keep arguing that and oh so, ok (laughs) um yeah maybe instead yeah

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