White Pad Poems

Word Cloud Randomization




Poor, royal Draper,

just looking mean, going scared,

told Walt, “I hope William follows.”

FORGET NOBODY continues,

abominable, makes turnpikes, fails haiku

(still writing Linen lines), living

just short of protest.

Probably thinking anything

living jaws might say,

not-versed-in-British-boredom Walt guesses,

“It’s probably bright. Forget William.

Like think we got anything we want. Just make

careful thoughts.” Going shorter,

Draper slouches. “I do enjoy some capitalism.

Just thought I might need you, Walt,

especially when it might be redemption:

just living through wrinkles,

in the open, like a king.”






guess is GIVE,

threads big funeral.

Oh from begone the bubbles, Follow

page is helmet

Slouching (go) of be beverage

it say spoon or….?”

The swirling not.

Abbreviate minds for but me

especially the good or 3 lives carlos “tomorrow.”

We went me day

don’t MAKE comedic your chance chair,

a went might bowls.

dead Special line verse or….?”

to The GODDAMN inevitable.

The to myself I gap down the tired can

to for when declare, but is

wow… Purple, knew stillness

The fair so hues.

We there nobody a that might walt

2 DIE, UP and hunger,

and I’m in it threads

me need beside bright shocked YOU

and have is puns and off my thought

destroy two in here bowls.

saying I

box of short lines;

binding makes snag from looking to

I’ll and abominable turnpikes?

Snapping but Santa know

saying I shocked you

say does hot Fasten miserably.

Fallen in friendly

Special always make think conscious

New it’s below be belt

Mind Dick LOVE of our straining write

there hate in page

He anything May?

But it In write the box of say not looking.

Stanza try what that for say capitalism.

I when trying elaborate, beg it’s I stillness

The say to bowls to that be

have to for me bowls yet we live

and to between but about to

scared in word pills heard here

new Fe? Mrs. to place minds for capitalism.

I sometimes especially harsh I

art box of I’ve begone page

He they really likes hard a messages—

we was I’ve in pills

Look but suits looking swirling GIVE sometimes inevitable.

The is between of British B, Berry.

It’s seat but want Scottish, the path,

Rahm though, to messages— we

they’ll after shorter, my of and hunger,

and between I thoughts Draper

Careful all me I find wise

Does short lines; seems probably already never in

be no hasn’t thought in tried write my OK.

I going the a about makes self-fulfilling

hey it’s to on itself is and all so Fe?

Mrs. month hey prophecy I fair

so our Look is yoghurt,

how down the wide prophecy I

straining that hues.

We protest always brag belie hustle

We and bottle I box of yet,

but declare, but me looking.

Stanza about let the bestow yet we

I’ve consumer write the consumer

many for the the elaborate,

the that UP continues what ordered continues

lives not heater one air coffee try does on B, that.

And on THIS is about good binding.


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