Week 8

§Alphabet poems: make up a poem of 26 words so that each word begins with the next letter of the alphabet. Write another alphabet poem but scramble the letter order.




Adjunct: behind Charlie’s Diner,

Ethel fired Garrison.

He’d ignited juicy kitchen leftovers—

meat ‘n onions—peaked quickly.

Regretful, she teared up,

voiced worries x years’d zipped.


Zipped years, x worries

up-teared, she, regretful,

quickly peaked. Onions ‘n

meat—leftovers, kitchen juicy.

Ignited, he (Garrison) fired Ethel Diner‘s

Charlie’s behind:






Zooming, young xylophonic winds,

veer upward, trill;

symphony resonant, quelling

previous oscillation, near metronome—

lingering, keen;

just in half, graceful, fallen,

each draped, caught

beneath air.


Air beneath,

caught, draped, each fallen,

graceful, half in.

Just keen, lingering metronome,

near oscillation (previous) quells

resonance, symphony’s trill upward:

veering winds, xylophonic, young,





§ Pick 20 words, either a word list you generate yourself or from source texts. Write three different poems using only these words.



20 words:

i have a machete in my left eyelid. it hurts everytime i blink, look up, or look around. light and fucking everything hurts.




i left my eye,

looked up,

around it, alight

in my eyelid. blinks

have everything or

i have fucking everything

in my everytime eye.

and a machete hurts.



my eyes have machetes,

light around every time i look;

my eyelids hurt in my blink.

i looked around,

light and time in my

look up.



i looked around my everything.

i have everytimes or light eyelids,

and time i have left, in my fucking up,

i blink, it hurts: a machete.




§Write a poem consisting only of prepositions, then of prepositions and one other part of speech; then three parts of speech.





after down, for inside

concerning like opposite,

without unlike onto outside,

despite during before through between

at against with minus beyond.



(Prepositions + Nouns)


after dollars down, numbers for people inside boxes,

concerning ones like flies; opposite sides

without corners, unlike spaces onto lines;

outside walls, despite droughts during winters,

before summer through spring,

between days at hand, against buyers with

knowledge, minus sellers beyond markets.



(Prepositions + Nouns + Verbs)


after dollars wind down, numbers act for people,

sit inside, boxes enclose,

concerning ones buying like flies fly;

opposite sides stand-off without corners, march

unlike spaces stamp onto lines. looming, outside walls rise

despite droughts leeching during winters,

shrink before summer swell, through spring,

die between days. auction at hand,

holds against buyers, hides with knowledge break,

minus sellers regret beyond markets fall.


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