Week 5

§We will meet at the Ross Art Gallery in the Fisher Fine Art library (220 South 34th St., between Walnut and Spruce). Visit the gallery the week before Feb. 21 and write poems in response to or to accompany or exist in conjuntion with the work on view at the gallery (or check upcoming link). The show presents contemporary art from China. Be sure to bring a hard copy of what you write so you can perform it.


Lotus #5

A gray stain seeps through ivory canvas,

osmosis spread,

bathing pools of ink dying each cell.

Just through touch, a new hue is shared,

deadened and dull,

as if a tainted kiss on a pallid cheek

extends infection, offers decay

with no ear for rejection.

The watermark expands, dingy and damp,

blending with clean cream until it slips

off the page, rolling on the table

past brushes and pens, a cloud now

sweeping, washing the room in ashen shades of lead.

Petals traced in the paper-bound pools of dusk,

a lotus blooms amidst smoky shadows.


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