Thoughts on Autopilot (Cut-up)

Shrunken Cut-Ups (



They say we can’t just stuck in sight I can’t actually create

them is a “right” and patterns are any videos or will end is

the chatter in my time overanalyzing. what stops me or (mis)perceived

the real question is possible but how could really is a “right”

and maybe not. Is it I possibly identify which one? my feelings

is a definite factor but loved all a big deal and I can’t rely

on forever, I can’t just thought sometimes, more interesting,

more sore tomorrow I want agency I doubt there reason to be who

I almost like them




break and I want to knowledge of that is based in everything

and wise “oh fuck” it could really use it.

I need to be the others completely lost in sight I can’t help


be what other people

call emotion but I can’t just stretch like this? There’s

no way around I guess how could really cute and denial

or why I can’t see anything else, things like them, and

seemed well-behaved enough I prefer it better to make it all

for me now or should

I need for anyone? things I think I’ve ever known it not





The end my brain always there is a definite factor but I wronged

but I guess how could really nervous and confusion and a new

pair of my experiences make it that way. Isolation is a “better”

at least I think I can’t rely on forever, I didn’t exist between

two extremes, without choosing and limiting prophecies and years

after this. It’s been really helped, or will get in and years

after this. It’s been a new pair of neurotransmitters when I

don’t know when I’m caught in everything so why I gave to slowing

down the roadblocks will it




The end is in

does anyone be the kids were really nervous and the others and

denial and the other way of everything

and even distinguish the other way I want, find what ifs. I guess

how I wronged but then

why should

I have no idea how/if I’ll feel normal again, or is there are

any future before, time whether through flat out denial and confusion

and is possible

but I can’t just see anything valuable or will end is there are

any videos or in everything so scared at

the thought sometimes,

more than I gave to


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